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Aiheen arkistot: musiikki

Aiheen arkistot: musiikki

Bossa nova

Helleaalto jatkuu ja ainoa oikea musiikki siihen on bossa nova, vaikkapa erinomainen Nara Leão Nara Leão, Spotify

Blue in Green

Miles Davis, Paul Chambers, Jimmy Cobb, John Coltrane, Bill Evans. YouTube


Being born is going blind And buying down a thousand times To echoes strung On pure temptation Sorrow and solitude These are the precious things And the only words That are worth rememberin’ –Townes Van Zandt: Nothin’ Spotify Grooveshark

Matkallasi pohjaan

Vintage wines from the year ’62 It’s your thing, it’s your thing It pleases you You got to frown when you cross town You think it’s an honor just to have you around It’s high time that you found The same dudes you misuse on […]

Lievästi taianomainen

Walk to me, get it, come, come Walk on guilded splinters Walk to me, get it, come, come Walk on guilded splinters Till I burn up. Till I burn up. Till I burn up. Till I burn up. –Dr John: I Walk On Guilded Splinters […]


Finally the pizza arrived, and the Mother Superior began to bless the food. Now this woman normally had a gruffed low-pitched speaking voice but as soon as she began to pray he voice rose, became pure, bell-like, like a child’s. The prayer went on and […]

Dial ”L” for low…

Kaikki mureat mummot parketille tunkeutuvat herroihin hikisiin he tukeutuvat. Rivon Ritun pikkusiskon siskonmies, varsinainen liero, siellä takamustaan hiero. –Eläkeläiset: Humppa raikaa Sattuma tekee toisinaan pahaa jälkeä mielenterveydelle. Mp3-soitin tunkee kaupungilla kävellessäni tajuntaani Eläkeläisiä, pikku hiljaa tajuan, että kyseessähän on vanha suosikkikappaleeni: Cameon Word Up paritettuna […]

Puhu törkeitä

Cause baby well be At the drive-in In the old mans Ford Behind the bushes ’til I’m screamin for more Down the basement Lock the cellar door And baby Talk dirty to me –Poison: Talk Dirty to Me Iän myötä myös musiikkimakuni on ilahduttavasti kypsynyt. […]


She said ”I’ll throw myself away, They’re just photos after all” I can’t make you hang around. I can’t wash you off my skin. Outside the frame, is what we’re leaving out You won’t remember anyway I can go with the flow –QOTSA: Go With […]


Jesus was an only son and love his only concept strangers cry in foreign tongues and dirty up the doorstep and I for one, and you for two ain’t got the time for outside just keep your injured looks to you we’ll tell the world […]

Being born is going blind

As brothers our troubles are locked in each others arms and you better pray they never find you –Townes Van Zandt: Nothin’ Hienoksi osoittautunut (kiitoksia vinkistä vaan) Robert Plantin ja Alison Kraussin levy Raising Sand on johtanut minut virtaavien vetten äärelle, vertauskuvallisesti vaahdoten siis. Plantin […]

Katie lied

”Give me a break! Ooh, let me try! Give me something to show For my miserable life! Give me something to take! Would you break even my wings, Just like a swallow? –Kate Bush: Night Of The Swallow. Retki musiikkihistoriassani jatkuu. Eilen uudelleenlöysin vanhan suosikkini […]